Hi, I'm Sian (Shawn), the gal behind the camera! A 24yr old portrait photographer based in Minneapolis, MN.

How it all started..

My love for photography sparked around the time I was 12yrs old. I used to ride horses, and my dad would take photos and videos of me at shows. A couple of the other gals who rode with me started taking pictures with a DSLR as well, so of course I wanted to take a stab at it. From documenting horse show endeavors to photographing other ladies in the show ring, I started to utilize my friends as models for concepts I wanted to photograph. My interest evolved into a desire to help create and capture other peoples beauty and story. Now I'm here with my own business. It's truly a dream come true!!

The gal behind the camera...

Outside of photography, I spend a lot of my time loving on my two dogs, Bentley and Maisey. We've got a little house I like to call home in the Twin Cities. I'm quite a home body, so my ideal Friday night includes binge watching crime shows in a big cozy hoodie with a fresh baked cookie in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. You'll rarely ever see me turn down a chance to sip coffee or eat sweets. I bake A LOT. Friends alway know I've got something homemade at my house for them to snack on! I've tried on a handful of different hats in my teen and adult years, from singer, personal trainer, nutrition coach, nanny... nothing has ever felt more right for me than being a portrait photographer.

Thanks for taking an interest in getting to know a bit about me. Now that you have, I hope to hear from you soon, and I can get to know you back!!