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I'm the owner of Sian Elizabeth Photography and I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in St.Louis Park, Minnesota. My approach to photography is a mixture of lifestyle, editorial, and journalism to capture your story in a timeless style. But, photography for me is about way more than just taking pictures. It's about forming genuine connections and documenting your sweet moments of connection & raw beauty. I love being able to capture stories and moments that show you a perspective of yourself that you've never seen. 


When you choose me as your photographer you choose someone who is equal parts laid back and approachable, but who will also give you the assertive direction you need to feel confident in your photos. 


I get it, weddings & boudoir might seem different. But what they both have in common is love.

Love with your partner and love for yourself. Capturing the love stories between couples and helping individuals see and embrace their own raw, beauty is truly a dream come true for me.


I've loved taking photos for as long as I can remember. What started as casually taking photos at horse shows as a kid quickly evolved into using my friends as models during my teenage years.


How I got into wedding photography is kind of a funny story. I'd never been interested in shooting weddings, but one day my ex boyfriend from high school reached out to me asking if I still did photography and if I'd be interested in shooting some of his wedding. We hadn't spoked in awhile, but we were on good terms. I warned him that I'd never shot a wedding, but he didn't mind. So, I said yes.

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To this day I still am unsure as to why I agreed to shoot my ex boyfriends wedding, but it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I remember after that wedding thinking "That was incredible!" and feeling like a was floating on a cloud. It was complete euphoria. I thought to myself, "If I loved shooting my ex boyfriends wedding this much, I can't even imagine the joy that would come from people I didn't get my heart broken by." After that first wedding, I was certain I had to shoot more. And the more I shoot over the years, the deeper in love I fall. 

As for boudoir photography, I've lived through body dysmorphia and I know how uncomfortable and disorienting that space is. My passion for boudoir lies in helping women see and accept the beauty of their bodies exactly as they are. Boudoir is about self-expression and tapping into and embracing our sensual side that we are often disconnected from. Helping women on their journey through self-acceptance and love is powerful work and I'm so grateful I get to do it every day. 


Sometimes having your picture taken can feel awkward. I strive to make everyone I work with feel as comfortable and confident as possible. I'm confident in my ability to provide the direction you need without feeling bossy and impersonal. I am as hands on as you would like me to be. Every client and every shoot is individualized to your needs, goals, and comfort level. 

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Outside of photography, I spend a lot of my time loving on my dog, Bentley. We've got a little house I like to call home just outside of the city. I'm quite a home body, so my ideal Friday night includes binge watching crime shows in a big cozy hoodie with a fresh baked cookie in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. You'll rarely ever see me turn down a chance to sip coffee or eat sweets. I bake A LOT. Friends always know I've got something homemade at my house for them to snack on! I've tried on a handful of different hats in my teen and adult years, from singer, personal trainer, nutrition coach, nanny... nothing has ever felt more right for me than being a photographer. I can't wait to meet you.

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