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What’s the best season to have your wedding?

Here in Minnesota, we get all four seasons to the extreme, so which one should you pick for your dream wedding? Here are some pros and cons to each season to help you decide.

Let's start with my favorite season, SPRING!

Best months to within the season: Late April-May

Spring is obviously known for it's rainy days, which can make it a bit of a hit or miss when choosing this season for your wedding day. That being said, the blooming flowers make for such a fun pop of color in your wedding portraits. Since we're coming out of the coldest season of the year, the rise in temperature feels so refreshing. Though it's still a bit chilly, it feels so good after those months of enduring below freezing day after day. Sweating is rare, which keeps your makeup looking fresh all day, and the lack of humility almost always guarantees a great hair day.

SUMMER aka the unofficial official 'Wedding Season'

Best months within the season: June-July

And for good reason! The trees and grass are plush and vibrantly green. Days are longer, and a stunning golden hour is almost always a sure thing. Not to mention the overall vibe of summer is fit for celebrations! That being said, it's HOT and HUMID. Sweating is inevitable, but don't worry, the right makeup artist will account for that. Frankly I don't have many negatives to say about summer weddings. It's such a prime and lively time of the year. It's no wonder it's the unofficial official wedding season! If you're interested in a city venue, summertime is a great option! The golden hours are beautiful and cinematic. There's also a lot more areas to find share than farmhouse wedding (typically) where there's a lot of open space and direct sunlight. And trust me, you'll want some prime shaded spots for portraits midday with your friends and family!

Onto the most beautiful season to shoot in (in my opinion), FALL.

Best months within the season: Late September-Early October

oh fall, if only you were longer... I cannot rave enough about fall as a photographer. The temperature drops just enough to give you more flexibility for what to wear without sweating through your clothes. The trees bless us with these beautiful warm earthy tones that compliment any photo. You can still enjoy a gorgeous outdoor wedding, and finish the night off with bonfires and s'mores when the sun goes down and it get's cold. I believe this is prime farm venue season.

Last but not least, WINTER,

Best months within the season: December-January

which I believe to be a very underrated season to get married in. Let me tell you why...

It's no surprise that Minnesotans have a love/hate relationship with this particular season. It gets brutally cold here. But let's take the cold out of it for a minute and discuss how magical snow is and the flattering light it adds to photos. If you're a winter person and the cold doesn't get to you badly, this just might be your season. Whether it's a county wedding or city, the way the snow blankets scene is captivating. It's playful yet elegant and sophisticated, clean and simple without being boring. The only other negative factor to consider besides the cold would be how short-lived daylight is. Your timeline won't look as traditional, because golden hour (if there is one) could land anywhere from right after your ceremony to right around the time you'd place dinner. That's an easy obstacle too overcome though, and your photographer will (hopefully) help create the perfect timeline to keep everything flowing smoothly.

I hope this helps you to create a clearer vision of your dream wedding day. Let me know what season you chose/are choosing to get married in!


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